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What We Do

Spark Impact
  • We spark impact in business and facilitate growth

  • We create alignment across teams, functions, levels and regions

  • We provide you with a fully-customised and extensive leadership tool kit

  • We spark your self-reflection and coach you to unleash your full potential

  • We facilitate your workshops and moderate your business events

  • We listen actively and challenge you with powerful questions

  • We help you to define and strengthen your business and leadership style.

Our passion is seeing people grow and making major shifts in their business lives. We offer coaching for individual contributors, leaders and executives as well as whole teams. Our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships and to become your sparring partner to positively challenge and develop you on a personal level. We guide you along your learning journey and help you to reflect on your daily challenges and topics such as:

Spark Impact
  • Navigating through complex situations

  • Handling challenging conversations

  • Leading with integrity and character

  • Making and driving important decisions

  • Dealing with the unknown and solving problems

  • Exploring your strengths and utilizing them optimally 

  • Cultivating a strong and unique personal brand

  • Handling dilemmas, conflicts and change

  • Managing my stakeholder network successfully.

Based upon your company’s culture and development needs, we design and implement fully-customized learning approaches for emerging and experienced leaders.
All of our learning programs provide your leaders with crucial leadership capabilities and tools to scale your business and create the future with confidence.
The holistic approach and highly-interactive learning design focuses on real business scenarios and personal challenges.
Popular learning nuggets from our leadership journeys:

  • Leading meaningful conversations with impact
  • Developing a proactive feedback culture
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Leading in hyper growth
  • Strengthening the human dynamic
  • Handling change & uncertainty
  • Leading virtually
  • Building trust in teams
  • Having effective communication across teams, functions and levels

All learning nuggets and services can be provided in a variety of learning formats:

  • Modular learning journeys over the period of several months
  • Single day workshops
  • Face-to-face trainings
  • Online training and peer group consulting in a virtual classroom.
Spark Impact
Remote working and leadership is the biggest workplace revolution in history and in business being virtually accessible is a must. Is your company prepared for the new working reality?
Through our online sessions, we guide your leaders and employees to work efficiently together over distance by training the skills to connect and work closely with the use of digital media.
Our virtual leaders tool kit provides your leaders with crucial skills for setting up virtual teams and collaboration over distance:
Spark Impact
  • Leading virtually

  • Meaningful online conversations

  • Impactful online feedback

  • Conducting efficient team meetings

  • Dealing with uncertainty & remoteness

  • The Cloud – connect with your peers

  • Expert to-go session

Mobilize and grow your team through onboarding from our trained recruiting consultants and tech specialists. We connect your early-stage and high-growth start-up with the best skilled talent around the globe. Our recruiting consultants and tech specialists will support you in sourcing expert talent to fit your company culture, business mindset and specific profiles. Connect with global talent through Spark Impact.

Spark Impact

We support you in navigating change and in building a high-performance culture. Our consulting focuses on:

Spark Impact
  • Business and people consulting for early ventures, growth stages, as well as established companies

  • Designing employer branding strategy

  • Employee life-cycle consulting for people products and processes

  • Guiding through re-organisations

  • Facilitating change management and re-structuring.

Engage and energize the audience of your event with Spark Impact:

  • Moderating conferences, congresses, panels and meet-ups that creates a professional and memorable impact.
  • Guiding your event from start to finish and ensuring it runs smoothly.
  • Enhancing and delivering content in a professional and captivating manner.
  • Maintaining audience engagement and keeping the schedule moving forward at full momentum.
Spark Impact

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Claudia Pilgrim

Trainer, Coach & Managing Director

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Spark Impact is part of a global network and works alongside trusted partners, business experts, trainers and coaches. With decades of experience, we provide global power through consulting and transforming leaders.

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